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    Production Process
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    The quality goes in before the name goes on
    1. Mould manufacture standard documents will be done by Engineering Dept an we will have a meeting for the new mould.
    2. Mould design: 3D,2D drawing designed according to customers' requests and standards.
    3. After mould design confirmed, We will order the steel and mould base tooling. In the meantime, sending customer the tooling & processing schedule.
    4. Mould components purchasing and preparation. 
    5. Sending the mould situation to customer by photos weekly. QC Dept following the mould processing schedule closely, controlling the mould quality strictly.
    6. Checking the mould: polishing,texture, waterline and so on.
    7. Assembling.
    8. Mould first testing,checking the part dimension, and work out the inspection report documents.
    9. Sending the samples and inspection report to customer
    10. Customer instruction & confirmation for shipment.

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