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    Taizhou  Huangyan Yuntian Mould & Plastic Co., Ltd. 
     Address: 3# Kangqiang Road,West Industrial Zone,Huangyan,Taizhou,Zhejiang,China 
    Tel: 86-576-84289228 84018092
    Fax: 86-576-84289229 
    Mobile: 0086-13305862929
    E-mail: info@yuntianmould.com hyzwjzwj@vip.163.com ,sales@yuntianmould.com
    Website: www.yuntianmould.com
    Skype: yuntianmould
    Whatsapp: 13989617407

    Visit us:

    The following information can provide you a good transportation how you can visit us upon where you stay..
    In ShangHai,you can take bus,bullet train, car or plane.It takes about 4 hours by bullet train and car To our city.,only 45 minutes by air. InGuangZhou or ShenZhen,,you will spend 1 hour and 45 minustes arriving at Huangyan Airport.directly.
    In BeiJing,it takes 2 hours arriving at Huangyan Airport.
    (We can pick you up as soon as you arrive at airport)

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